The Code

The Prankster’s Code

1.Thou shalt always remain humble, flexible, and lighthearted for God is the Divine Prankster.
2. Thou shalt not cause physical or psychological harm to pranking target.
3. Thou shalt give compensation to target if prank is not inherently friendly.
4. Thou shalt avoid common pranks (i.e. toilet papering, bird seeding, etc.) since these are overrated and typically break codes number two and number three. Pranks must be creative and original.
5. Thou shalt be reverent and follow the Ten Commandments whilst pranking.
6. Thou shalt not prank those on one’s own pranking team, as this will open up the great, deep, and mighty chasm of mistrust.
7. Thou shalt not prank Joe B. EVER.
8. Thou shalt not lie to thine accusers when thou hast been discovered.
9. Thou shalt be open to retaliation.
10. Thou shalt repent if any of the previous nine rules are broken.


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