Ascension Tuesday

It is widely debated (and by widely I mean amongst Lindsay and I) as to where the idea for Ascension Tuesday came from. Some say it was our friend, Joe’s, idea. Others insist that it was Kevin’s, while a select few insist it was a dynamic pranking duo. But where the idea came from is neither here nor there, because in the end it was the prank itself that mattered.

For Christmas decorations one year, our parish had decided to put 18-foot, gyrating, blow-up angels on the roof. It was a dark time in our Art & Environment history. Even though the infamous angels were the subject of much ridicule, they were just too perfect to pass up as prank material.

So, the plans were laid, the cameras were ready, and the audience was set. The Tuesday before Ascension Sunday, while a Life Teen XLT was in progress nearby, several of us pulled together in front of Matt Maher and Matt Smith’s house. Joe and Kevin left the angels on the roof in all their heavenly glory, as they flapped about in the dark night sky. And then we waited. We waited for XLT to end, for the Matts to come home, either by foot or by car, and we filmed their reactions.

So, for your viewing enjoyment, I present to you: Ascension Tuesday.



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