Wrapped in God’s Love

In the pranking business, as in most others, it helps to know people. You can’t easily Saran wrap your youth minister’s office and get away with it unless you know someone who is going to let you in, watch your back, and keep their mouth shut. A good parish prankster makes friends with the office staff.

The following prank I don’t think I would repeat, for these reasons:
1) It is not creative enough
2) It is juvenile and very annoying
3) It is a waste of plastic wrap
4) Too much went wrong

We were young and foolish….

One day, we decided it would be funny to cover our youth minister’s office in Saran wrap. “We” describes a group of at least 6 people. Our youth minister, Billie Sue, and her assistant, would be out of the office for the morning leading a junior high retreat at the parish school. No one would be in the office except Leon, answering phones until noon. It sounded ideal. So we came with our supplies and explained our situation. We would need Leon to keep an eye out and make sure no one caught us in the act….and, OF COURSE, we would need him to tell no one. He agreed and let us into the youth ministry office.

We began by tin-foiling the items in the desks. That is, we wrapped up the pencils, pens, paper clips, whatever we could find.  Then, we began to create a wall of plastic wrap from one side of the office to the other. We wrapped in a loop around the two tallest objects, a filing cabinet and a 5-foot glass and mirror welded cross, created by one of our core members. It looked like this:


Happily, we wrapped along, until… “HELP!”

One of the girls was desperately trying to stabilize the cross, which was beginning to fall from the pull of the Saran wrap. After loosening the wrap and thus preventing our hopes and dreams from shattering with the collapse of the cross, we hatched a better plan to wrap the left side around a chair. Although it was uneven and a bit more easy to move, it meant that we would have a better chance of living to see our high school graduations.

So we completed our wrapping, and soon began to feel a slight remorse for what he had done. After all, we just created a huge mess, and one which would our youth ministers would find very irritating. This could be perceived as something malicious, and we had no mal intent.

But, ah! Valentine’s Day was approaching! A day to show one’s love and affection. If only Valentine’s Day had something to do with plastic wrap. Quickly, we found some Sharpie markers in a desk drawer and wrote, in giant letters across the Saran wrap, “You are Wrapped in God’s love!” Excellent.

A great way to “wrap” things up…..and a sure way to lighten the blow.


Image of the saranwrapped office from our scrapbook, “Memoirs of a Prankster.”



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