It’s the Great Pumpkin Billie Sue!

Lindsay and I had the bug. We started pranking every youth minister that crossed our path. And so, with Billie Sue, in her first year at our parish, we decided to carve her a pumpkin. Now, mind you, a pumpkin doesn’t seem like that great of a prank. But, we were ecstatic. We bought the pumpkin, brought it back to Lindsay’s house, and diligently began work on its design. Lindsay carved Billie Sue’s name on one side, in creepy droopy letters with blood drops around it, and then she carved the Life Teen logo on the other side with two knives cutting through.

We were so happy with the work until we stepped back and realized how very creepy it was and decided to modify the knife ends to crosses and something that vaguely resembled Fleur de Lises. But it’s not the object of the prank that counts, it’s the drop. I think that’s what pushed us, the thrill of the moment, the sneaking around, the idea that we might get caught! If we were honest with ourselves, we really just wanted to be spies.

So we waited till Sunday, when the office was open and we could blend in with hordes of church-going people. Lindsay placed the pumpkin in a black duffle bag and waited out front, while I went ahead and scoped out the area, making sure all was clear. I got an employee to let me into the youth office under the pretense that I needed to make a phone call. When I was in, the employee left me alone for a moment. When they were gone, I unlocked a side door and then called Lindsay’s cell phone from the phone inside and told her to go!

She slipped in and out of the office like the ninja she was,  I relocked the door, and then exited the way I came in. We made a clean getaway. We were so thoroughly proud of ourselves and the successful drop. However,  it was after this prank that we decided to come up with The Code. We realized we didn’t want to prank people to be mean or to demean them, but to show them in some way that they were special to us, that we cared, and that we needed more excitement in our lives. Never again would we commit a prank without a purpose or drive, and never again would we be cruel or unintentional.

While this prank was a success, and the beginning of a long standing pumpkin tradition, Billie Sue still figured out who it was. And, she was able to deduce that our crosses were once creepy knives.

Oh well. It’s the thought that counts, right?


An image of the pumpkins from our scrapbook, “Memoirs of a Prankster.”


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